Week 6 : Coding Period

This week has been pretty stressful with a lot of people in my locality getting infected with Covid-19. But work has been pretty smooth.

This week, I resolved the problem with my pruned models. They had too many layers, parameters and had a size greater than the original model! I went through all my code and finally got rid of all the extra layers that I had accidentally saved with the model. It is now easy to quantize these pruned models. I am also trying to experiment with Knowledge Distillation. At the same time I have started working on my next models based on the Chest-XRay 14 dataset.

I have also been trying to evaluate my Int8 models on the validation and test datasets. This has been taking more than 12 hours for some reason. Be it locally, on the plhi server or on Colab. I also lost my results a couple of times due to the long processing time. So I am running different evaluation scripts on each platform for faster processing. Hopefully this will get done faster.

I am a bit unsure about my specific goals for next week as it depends on the results that I produce. But I am sure that I will get something substantial.

Till then, Happy Coding!


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