Week 9 - Coding Period

Update on the project -

This week I tried converting the Chexnet Pytorch model to Onnx and then to Tensorflow again. As Onnx does not support DataParallel, I tried this conversion without using it. I wrote a regex to convert the state dictionary keys of the Pytorch model as the model was outdated and the keys needed to be renamed. I was able to convert the model to Onnx format. Inspite of these changes, I ran into a lot of errors while converting this new model to Tensorflow. So I dropped this model and began working on the purely Tensorflow model. This is not the standard model, but it gives considerably good results. I am currently converting the output format of this model to represent the actual class names instead of probability values and compressing these too.
I added modifications to the scripts to convert pruned models to quantized ones. I need to clean this code to specify the different input formats for models - hdf5 and h5 models. I have evaluated my models for size and accuracy. After completing these tasks, I want to evaluate them for latency, power consumption and computational cost. This may differ from device to device.

The second evaluation results came this week and my mentor has given me suggestions to modify my repository. I need to restructure my project and correct my errors. The scripts need to separated and I also need to make provisions for a few remaining edge cases.

I also need to structure my timeline to achieve substantial results by the end of this month.

Till then, Happy Coding!


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