Week 5 : Coding period

Week 5 Update -

Today I received the results of my first evaluation and I have passed!! Woohoo!

I am happy that my mentors are happy with my work. They have asked me to improve my code by making it more reusable. So I will work on this feedback in the upcoming weeks.

Work update for this week - I have (finally) successfully implemented int8 quantization. Although I had to migrate everything to Colab for this, it finally run. Even though my code is split on various platforms, I am happy that most of what I have implemented is running well on my local machine.

The 2nd thing that I did this week was make python scripts for every module of my notebook. I made scripts for dataset preprocessing, model building, model training, quantization and pruning. I am now adding inference scripts for large as well as compressed models. This is the part that I have to make more reusable. I also have to cover the edge cases and erroneous inputs for these scripts. I want to present the results of model compression as one report.

Next week I will either start the experimental portion of this project i.e. Knowledge Distillation/ int4 quantization etc. or I will begin with the next dataset.

Happy coding!


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