Week 7 : Coding Period

I have finished converting the pruned models to tflite format. I have done dynamic, float16 and int8 quantization. I have also evaluated their results to be presented shortly.

Currently I am working on the chest-xray14 models. I am using onnx to convert benchmark pytorch models to tensorflow format by using an intermediate onnx format. I am also implementing knowledge distillation by writing my own code for it. The available code is having issues storing the soft targets and I am finding a way to work around that. The code available on Github is in pytorch and cannot be used on my models. The available code in tensorflow is outdated and is not working correctly.

So for the next week, I will be working on chestx-ray14 as well as knowledge distillation simultaneously. The knowledge distillation script will be reusable for both the datasets. I hope to complete these modules in the upcoming days.

Happy Coding :)


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