Week 10 : Coding Period

This week I presented my work to Saptarshi and Judy and took their feedback. I have a lot to work on. I began working on the ChexNet model for Chest-XRay14 dataset. I have finished quantizing these models into Dynamic, Float16 and Int8 models. As I am using a pre-trained model, I am putting time into getting the input and output data formats correct for the model, inference, and other purposes.

Currently, I am running scripts to prune these models. This should get done soon.

I have also restructured my scripts for the RSNA Pneumonia Detection dataset. Along with this, I added the inference scripts. I will raise an MR for this after discussing with my mentor.

I have to write scripts after I finish working on the Chest-XRay14 dataset for all the steps - preprocessing, quantizing, pruning, evaluation, inference, etc. Once this is done, I want to evaluate all my models on ARM devices using Qemu emulator. I will check parameters such as FPS, latency and power consumption.

Till then,

Happy Coding!


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