Week 11 : Coding Period

This week I was finally able to get my data in the correct format to be fed to the pretrained Chexnet model. And the solution to my bug was mentioned on some random issue on Github only a few days ago. Luckily, due to this, I was able to evaluate my models. Therefore, I was able to finish all types of compression techniques on this dataset.

However, after evaluation, the result of the model is very poor. It is unable to classify the diseases and gets a auroc score of roughly 0.5. The cause of this is dataset imbalance which is clearly observed in the models bias towards certain classes of the disease. I need to discuss this with my mentor. I tried methods such as top-3 and top-5 score to get a better result. But the performance remains fairly constant. 

I have also started with writing scripts for this dataset. This should get completed in approximately 4-5 days. Simultaneously, I have also been working on methods to test my model on edge devices. As soon as I finish my scripts, I will work on this front. 

This will be the last stage to complete my work for GSoC 2020. I hope all goes fine and I am able to complete my work before time.

Till then, 

Happy Coding!


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